Visit Bruges with the ETIAS visa waiver for Europe

What is ETIAS and how will It affect travel to the EU?

  • Posted on 31 Aug, 2021
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  What is ETIAS and who will need it to visit Europe? ETIAS, sometimes known as the ETIAS visa, is not quite like a traditional visa. Currently, there are many countries whose nationals may travel to Europe without a short-term visa. When the new system launches in late 2022, nationals of these countries will have to apply for pre-authorisation to cross the external Schengen border. The Schengen Area is a 26-country region of Europe mostly… more

Switzerland is a popular European destination.

ETIAS has a new launch date

  • Posted on 15 Oct, 2020
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When will the ETIAS Authorization System be implemented? October 2020 – The European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) is coming soon, but you still have time to plan. The European Commission has announced a new launch date for the system that will change the way you travel to Europe. This system, also known as the European visa waiver program, is now scheduled to launch in late 2022 and will be required for visa-free travel… more


ETIAS to Complement Existing Information

  • Posted on 05 Nov, 2019
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According to the European Commission, ETIAS will integrate with and complement existing security databases, such as the as Schengen Information System (SIS), as well as those still in development like the Entry Exit System (EES). The EES will allow authorities to get a closer look at cross-border movement and travel history data. ETIAS, the European Travel and Information System set to roll out in January 2021, will help keep Europe's Schengen… more