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Traveling with an ETIAS Waiver

What you need to know when you go abroad using your ETIAS Visa Waiver.

traveling with an ETIAS visa waiverOnce you’re approved, here are some essentials to keep in mind when you travel.

  • When you arrive at the border of an ETIAS participating country, a customs agent will likely ask you a few questions about your travel purposes to make sure you’re traveling legitimately and legally as a tourist or business person there for 90 days or less. Keep in mind that ETIAS allows for up to 90 days of travel within a 180-day period.
  • You may be asked a range of questions including some about your occupation. This is no cause for alarm, it helps customs agents be certain you’re not seeking to work illegally or migrate unlawfully.
  • ETIAS will get you to the border of a country, but it does not guarantee entry.
  • Customs agents have the final authority as to whether or not you can enter an ETIAS participating country.
  • As long as you’re traveling with ETIAS approval, within compliance of ETIAS terms and conditions you should not encounter any issues.

How and when to renew.

You can re-apply for ETIAS every three years or when your passport expires. It’s important to note that your passport should be valid for 90 days from the time you arrive abroad.





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