Applying for ETIAS Visa Waiver

ETIAS does not go into effect until 2022 so the online application has not yet been finalized. In the mean time you can find out if you be eligible to travel to Europe using an ETIAS Travel Waiver.

Use this simple, online form below to find out about your ETIAS eligibility.

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ETIAS Visa Application

ETIAS is only relevant to travelers who travel visa-free to EU member states. The application process is aimed at taking approximately 10 minutes or less. The website processing ETIAS applications will support mobile, desktop and mobile devices. The types of information requested include: Biometric and personal data such as name, date of birth, and gender, and applicant contact details such as home address and email address.


ETIAS Visa Requirements

Education history, such as primary, secondary, vocational schooling, university, or no education. Travel document information, such as a passport or other document, including data such as the document number, issue date, expiration date, and issuing country.. Current occupation or job, including title as well as contact details. First EU member state of arrival


ETIAS Visa Fees

The ETIAS fee charged on applications for travellers between the ages of 18 and 70 is 7€. There is no ETIAS fee for travellers under the age of 18, or over the age of 70. Every traveller, regardless of their age, will require an approved ETIAS prior to their arrival to the Schengen area. An ETIAS application is automatically processed based on the following three factors: Identity – Does the applicant's identity match their passport?