Visit Europe in 2022 with the ETIAS visa waiver

European Travel Information Authorisation System coming 2022

  • Posted on 28 Nov, 2021
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  The European Travel Information and Authorisation System, also known as ETIAS, serves two main purposes: Perform security checks on third-country nationals Monitor entry and exit of non-Schengen citizens For countries considered ‘visa exempt’, you still do not need a visa for short-term travel (90 days or fewer), but you will be required to apply for pre-authorisation to cross the external borders of the Schengen Zone, a 26-country region of… more

Visit Spain, Europe and Schengen area with ETIAS visa waiver

The ETIAS Central Unit: Everything You Need to Know

  • Posted on 25 Oct, 2021
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What is ETIAS? The European Travel Information and Authorisation System, abbreviated as ETIAS, is a type of visa waiver for the Schengen Area of Europe. The purpose of this authorisation process is to confirm traveller identities, assess for security risks, and help keep track of border crossings. Many travellers worldwide are accustomed to travelling to Europe with no more than a passport, but that will change in late 2022 when ETIAS launches.… more

Map of Europe - ETIAS travel

Can the ETIAS be refused or denied?

  • Posted on 14 Jun, 2021
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  This online visa waiver process serves as a security and identity background check, and while most applications will be processed quickly, there is a possibility that some applications will result in refusal or denial of entry. Most reasons for refusal are related to administrative issues, but here we will take a look at how and why an ETIAS application  could be denied (and what you can do to avoid it). Can my ETIAS application be refused?… more

Europe to re open - Summer 2021

European Union will open its borders to international travellers

  • Posted on 24 May, 2021
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  One policy change is the number of Coronavirus cases a country can have and still be considered a ‘safe’ region of origin. The other change is that travelers who can confirm they have met European Union (EU) vaccination guidelines will soon be able to resume European travel. Read more here to learn about changing travel requirements for non-EU citizens, including vaccination requirements, COVID testing, and more. When will countries in Europe… more

ETIAS will complement European Union intelligence and information systems

ETIAS as part of a Unified European Intelligence Agency

  • Posted on 09 Feb, 2021
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  February 2021 - Citizens of the Schengen Area of Europe have long enjoyed the ability to travel across internal borders. But those borders, which are also open to outsiders, brought an unknown risk factor, and the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) is one measure that will change European travel and is part of a broader effort to make Europe more secure while still allowing for easy passage. ETIAS will complement… more